ZEBCARE is the official dealer for the products of R&D Aquatics for Europe.

DC-96 tank

R&D Aquatics DC-96 tank allows researchers to house 24 individual fish in a small space during screening, while still allowing fish to have more than 0.2L of water in each compartment. The tank can be equipped with a special stand to place it on standard zebrafish racks of the major suppliers.

Advantages DC-96 holding tanks:

  • Tank design mirrors a 96 well plate
  • Efficiently housing adult zebrafish (individually or in pairs) during screening procedures.
  • Ability to continue feeding during screening procedures
  • Continuous supply of freshly filtered water
  • Fits on many existing rack systems with little or no modification


Combined with the DC-96 tanks, the R&D Aquatics ClipStation is a perfect tool that enables you to streamline your genotyping protocols.

The ClipStation consists of:

  • PRC plate holder
  • Fish reservoir to anaesthetize the fish
  • Fish Stall for clipping fins
  • Fin Well

Video protocol for how to use the ClipStation and  the DC-96 tanks for streamlining your genotyping protocol can be seen on the R&D Aquatics website.


Next to supplying the already available R&D Aquatics products, ZEBCARE has developed a rack that can house 4 pieces of DC-96 tanks. The tanks can slide in and out of the rack easily and every tank has an individual water supply and drainage. The ZEBCARE DC-96 rack needs to be connected to an existing zebrafish system, either directly to an existing stand or for example as a benchtop set-up. ZEBCARE can off course make variations to the DC-96 rack, allowing it to fit your particular situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the DC-96, the ClipStation or the ZEBCARA DC-96 rack.


  • 96 well plate format
  • Limited space required for screening
  • Easy to integrate into exisiting systems

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