An enormous diversity of aquatic organisms is used in aquatic research; single cell organisms, like micro algae, corals, ascidians, bivalves, crustaceans, amphibians and fish, both freshwater and marine species. Next to each aquatic species having particular basic husbandry needs, the type of research performed also requires unique system engineering. Available standard solution often do not meet these requirements. ZEBCARE is able to translate the needs into completely customized aquatic research facilites, using your experience and ideas. ZEBCARE is able to translate your needs and requirements in to realistic and functional aquatic research systems and facilities.

Our 30 years of experience in designing and constructing aquaculture and aquatic research facilities and extensive experience in practical fish farming, allows our team of aquatic research specialists and technical engineers to design complete facilities (including water preparation units (both for freshwater and seawater), monitoring and control equipment, etc.) that are user friendly, easy to operate and maintain and have low running costs. ZEBCARE offers the full package; next to initial layout and well-engineered design, we supply complete in-house construction to installation, training and maintenance on site. Next to new facilities, ZEBCARE is very capable of renovating existing facilities and adapting research systems.

ZEBCARE has engineered and constructed research systems and facilities used for example fundamental and applied biology (genetic and evolutionary research, toxicology studies, ecology research, etc.), safety assessments on drugs and chemicals (in vivo), feed and feed component testing, research on novel aquaculture techniques (aquaponics, next generation RAS) and reproductive biology and selective breeding.

In these aquatic research facilities a wide range of organic organisms is housed (micro algae, corals, ascidians, bivalves (mussels, oysters), crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, artemia), amphibians (Xenopus frogs and axolot salamander) and fish (common carp, fathead minnow, trout, sturgeon, killifish, African catfish, tilapia, seabass, seabream, European eel, salmon), etc.).

Due to our extensive experience in engineering and constructing aquatic research facilities, ZEBCARE is the optimal partner in the development of your aquatic research facility.

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