ZEBCARE has collaborations with a number of suppliers producing high quality products, like Skretting (GEMMA Micro Zebrafish diets) and Planktovie (Rotifer culture solutions), resulting in full manufacturer’s back up.

In order to operate ZEBCARE aquatic research systems optimally, information and training is key. Each aquatic research system is delivered with a complete manual fully describing the technical set-up of the system, specific details of the system components and a strict maintenance scheme. After finalizing construction of site and test runs all users are trained by ZEBCARE staff on site in order for the users to fully understand the set-up. During this training not only the technical set-up of the system(s), but also on biological performance and alarm settings. In this way, ZEBCARE provides an optimal start of the system in the facility.

Regular maintenance is the key to successful operating your research facility. ZEBCARE offers maintenance packages in which our team of technical engineers is performing regular maintenance on the systems, exchange of essential system components (UV-C lights, drum filter screens) and check of the monitoring and control system every 6 months to one year (depending upon size and complexity of the systems and facility).

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