Custom designed Zebrafish facilities

From our experience we understand that available standard Zebrafish facilities never completely meet what you want. This is why we believe in customized Zebrafish facilities only. In our opinion you know exactly what you want. This is why we believe we need to be your partner translating your needs and requirements in to realistic and functional Zebrafish systems and facilities.

30 years of experience

Backed up by our 30 years of experience in designing and constructing aquaculture and aquatic research facilities, our team aquatic research specialists and technical engineers is able to design complete facilities (including water preparation units, monitoring and control equipment, etc.) that are user friendly, easy to operate and maintain and have low running costs. ZEBCARE offers the full package; next to initial layout and well-engineered design, we supply complete in-house construction to installation, training and maintenance on site. Next to new facilities, ZEBCARE is very capable of renovating existing facilities.

ZEBCARE complete Zebrafish facilities concept

Our ZEBCARE water treatment concept for Zebrafish systems is primarily using self-cleaning drum filters for mechanical filtration, moving bed and trickling filters for biological filtration and UV-C treatment. It does not require filter cartridges, dramatically reducing running costs. For specific applications mechanical filtration is achieved using sedimentation filters.

ZEBCARE Zebrafish husbandry systems are equipped with a complete monitoring and control system. Essential water quality parameters, like pH, temperature and conductivity, and system parameters, like water flow and pump functioning, are measured and monitored constantly. In case of a deviation from preset parameters, the system generates a message to a local alarm system and/or dedicated users. All racks can be equipped with LED lighting, providing optimal lighting for each of the tanks, beneficial for both Zebrafish as well as animal caretakers.

Preferably, ZEBCARE provides engineering of complete Zebrafish facilities. Complete Zebrafish facilities include, next to the ZEBCARE Zebrafish systems, a water preparation unit for the incoming water, optional rotifer production and/or Artemia hatching, mass spawning units, benches and tank transport trolleys, waste water treatment unit (preventing GM organisms escaping the facility) and all necessary small equipment (nets, tanks, spare parts, etc.).

Next to Zebrafish husbandry systems and facilities, ZEBCARE is very capable of engineering unique set-ups for specific Zebrafish research in close cooperation with the research team.

Together with our customers, ZEBCARE is aiming at improving Zebrafish husbandry technology and Zebrafish welfare. Recently ZEBCARE is closely working together with leading research institutes in The Netherlands on developing improved husbandry solutions, tank enrichment and feeding methods.

ZEBCARE, enabling scientific breakthroughs!

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