Installation of a zebrafish husbandry system at the University of Southern Denmark

24 August 2020

Recently we have installed a zebrafish husbandry system at the University of Southern  Denmark. The system is a standard standalone ZEBCARE zebrafish husbandry system consisting of an aquarium rack with four levels for placement of aquaria, a pump-/filtration (biological and mechanical) unit, and a UV system. The rack is equipped with two types of aquaria. On the bottom layer a serial tank with 12 compartments was placed (each compartment approx. 10 liters). On the other three layers, a glass aquaria with 3 compartments are placed.

Upon the customers request the standard ZEBCARE rack is also equipped with a monitoring and control system, a fully controllable LED lighting system, a sodium bicarbonate dosing system,  and a salt dosing system. Furthermore, a tap water filtration system was installed with micro particle-(25 microns) and active carbon filters. This removes any small particles as well as possible chemical contaminants of the water before being added to the system.