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Zebrafish stand-alone husbandry system with shelves

For a commercial company in Germany, ZEBCARE designed and constructed a stand-alone zebrafish husbandry system. The system consists of two racks each with 6 shelves, connected to a filtration system. On the shelves, 1 to 4 liter polycarbonate tanks can be placed randomly. The filtration system consists of a mechanical filter and biological filter and is not using cartridges and so on. The filtration system is easy to maintain at low costs. The racks are equipped with LED lighting. The LED lighting is programmed to show sunrise and sunset at the start and end of the lighting period, resembling the natural situation thus not causing stress on the zebrafish. The unit is equipped with a complete monitoring and control device that is, next to measuring and controlling water quality parameters like pH, conductivity and temperature, also monitoring system flows and water levels. In case of any deviation from the desired settings, the researchers receive alarm messages.

With this stand-alone zebrafish unit, ZEBCARE offers an affordable system for smaller facilities or to act as a quarantine system for larger facilities.

ZEBCARE stand-alone system with shelves, Germany
Kirrweiler Germany

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