Multiple species
24 tanks
The Netherlands

Experimental units for research on fish nutrition

In 2020, ZEBCARE installed a new feed trial unit at Aquatic Research Facility (Carus-ARF) of Wageningen University and Research. The complete assignment included the construction of 24 circular fish tanks with variable volume (150 – 380 L), adjusting the existing filter system and connecting the fish tanks to this adjusted filtersystem.

The new aquatic research system allows researchers to:

  • Perform experiments on the digestibility of feed ingredients
  • Determining nutrient requirements of fish
  • Fish welfare and environmental impact studies

Experiments can be performed under completely controlled predefined conditions in fresh, marine, cold or warm water environment. The new experimental system is part of the 1.800 m2 indoor aquatic research facility, built by ZEBCARE back in 2012.

Modification of existing recirculation system

Upon the customers request we have overhauled the old Hydrotech drum filter which we have integrated along with an oxygen cone and a new protein skimmer into the existing recirculation system.

User experience

As usual, this project was developed in close collaboration with researchers and the staff of the aquatic research facility. The system has been running for a few months now and we are therefore happy to share the positive feedback from our customer:

β€œThe system works as expected. The collaboration with ZEBCARE was a pleasure as usual. Their advice and pro-active approach in finding solutions resulted in a fitting and functional system. Building tailor made systems with integrated new technologies is challenging and unexpected issues can occur. ZEBCARE took full responsibility and solved the issues to our satisfaction. We are really thankful for the work they did.” said Menno ter Veld, manager of CARUS-ARF.

Feed trial unit, Wageningen University and Research
Wageningen The Netherlands

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