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100.000 fishes
The Netherlands

Drumfilter technology

The first Zebrafish system we designed and constructed for the Hubrecht Institute in 2010, was the first system in which we introduced drum filter technology. Using a drum filter provides continuous filtration of the system water at 40 μm, removing almost all waste particles from the system water. Since a drum filter is self-cleaning, no precious time of the staff was needed for cleaning it. The positive experiences with the drum filter in this system, lead to the development by ZEBCARE of the ZEBCARE standard filtration unit, which has a drum filter included.

RO installation

Clean incoming water for the facility, at the desired conductivity, temperature and pH, is produced by a dedicated ZEBCARE water preparation unit from RO water as a base.

Largest Zebrafish facility

Over the past years, ZEBCARE has, together with the animal caretakers and researchers, designed and constructed several Zebrafish systems more, resulting in the Hubrecht Institute being the largest Zebrafish facility in The Netherlands to date.

Hubrecht Institute
Utrecht Nederland

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