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Eel reproduction research

At the present time, European eel production (Anguilla anguilla) still depends on the wild catch of glass-eel. Glasaal Volendam is an private research initiative aiming to close the production cycle of European eel in captivity. By doing so, Glasaal Volendam hopes to contribute to the conservation of European eel in the wild and as a delicacy for consumption.

Eel Research Facility

In 2011, we built Glasaal Voldendam’s research facility for eel reproduction research. The facility consisted of different systems with each having their specific function: a maturation- and spawning system, a quarantine system, and an egg hatching- and larval husbandry system. In addition a storage system for natural seawater (30.000 liters), for sterile seawater (1000 liters) and a water preparation system was installed.

Aquatic Research Systems

The maturation system consisted of six tanks to keep broodstock and four tanks for spawning. For isolation of new incoming broodstock, a quarantine system was built. The quarantine system consisted of four tanks of approximately 800 liters each. In a different room, a shelf rack system for egg hatching- and larval husbandry was built. At a very early stage, the eel larvae are rather fragile. Even a soft crash into a wall of a normal aquarium can lead to damages. Thus with this system three special Kreisel tanks were delivered, which by its unique design prevents the eel larvae from being damaged.

Each of the systems was connected to its own watertreatment unit consisting among other of a biological- and mechanical filtration unit, a foam fractionator, UV-treatment system, heater-/cooling system and a water quality monitoring and control system.

Research facility for research on eel reproduction, Glasaal Volendam
Volendam The Netherlands

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