2 racks

African cichlid system

The customer requested a system in which different cichlid species and fish of various sizes could be kept separately. The client also needed to be possible to split the tanks into smaller sections using separator screens. Following these requirements, ZEBCARE delivered three aquarium rack systems.

System design

Each rack has three shelves filled with aquariums. Two large aquariums were placed on each of the two lower shelves. Four smaller aquariums, of which two consist of two compartments were placed in the upper shelves. All the aquariums could be split into smaller sections using the custom-made separator screens that were delivered with the system. The filtration unit for biological and mechanical filtration is located underneath the rack. A pump within the filtration unit is connected to the water supply piping of the system. Air was supplied by connecting the air supply system of each rack to the central aeration system. Above each shelf, there was a Biolumen LED system installed which provided full control over light regimes and the intensity of each rack.

University of Antwerp
Antwerpen Belgium

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