21.300 liter

Stickleback system

The sticklebacks needed to be housed in 100-litre aquaria linked to a filtration system. Eventually ZEBCARE designed and constructed three separate systems with, in total, 213 aquaria of 100 litres each. Each of the systems was attached to a ZEBCARE standard filtration unit, with drum filter included, and fully controllable lighting was placed above each aquarium.

System Design

All the systems are equipped with monitoring and control sensors, that measures and safeguards water quality parameters as well as technical parameters like pump functioning, water flow and water levels. ZEBCARE delivered the water quality sensors and connected these to the clients Honeywell monitoring system.

Artificial seawater is prepared on-site, at the desired conductivity, is produced by dedicated ZEBCARE water preparation units from decalcified water and artificial sea salt.

University of Bern
Bern Switzerland

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