X. tropicalis and X. laevis

Xenopus research

Xenopus frogs, both X. tropicalis and X. laevis, are used in specific biological research. For the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Zurich, ZEBCARE designed two stand-alone systems for each of these species.

System design

Both systems consist of a stainless-steel rack with either large polycarbonate tanks or glass aquaria, connected to a filtration system. The filtration system includes a ZEBCARE mini drum filter. This mini drum filter was developed by ZEBCARE to allow the use of this automatic mechanical filter also in the smaller aquatic research system. The filtration system also includes a biological filter and UV-C treatment.

Each unit is equipped with a complete monitoring and control device that is, next to measuring and controlling water quality parameters like pH, conductivity and temperature, also monitoring system flows and water levels. In case of any deviation from the desired settings, the researchers receive alarm messages.

University of Zürich, Switzerland
Zürich Switzerland

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