Sea urchin
One rack
The Netherlands

Aquatic research system design

Upon the customers’ demand, ZEBCARE designed a system for growing up sea urchin larvae at a very early life stage. At this point, sea urchin larvae are rather fragile. Even a soft crash into a wall of a normal aquarium can lead to damages.  The upshot was that special Kreisel tanks are used, which by its unique design prevents the sea urchin from being damaged. For the placement of Kreisel tanks, ZEBCARE built a rack with two shelves for the placement of Kreisel tanks and a pump tank underneath. Above each shelf, there are several connections for water and air supply available. Tanks can easily be connected with the water circulation of the system. Water circulation is driven by a saltwater proof circulation pump. This pump is connected to the water supply pipes which deliver fresh water to the Kreisel tanks. In the pump tank are two types of mechanical filtration present: a mesh filter and a protein skimmer. Furthermore, the rack is equipped with an advanced Biolumen Led installation for full control over light regime and intensity.

Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
Leeuwarden Nederland

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