X. tropicalis and X. laevis

New Xenopus facilities

After a successful collaboration during a pilot project in 2019, the University of Zürich asked us to design and built their new Xenopus facility. The facility is divided in two rooms, one room is equipped for housing Xenopus tropicalis and one for housing Xenopus laevis. Inside each room two ZEBCARE filtration units are placed and connected to respectively two and three racks with housing tanks.

Filtration system

The ZEBCARE filtration system includes two types of biological filtration, a moving bed filter and a trickling tower. In addition the filtration system is provided with a heater, and UV-C to reduce the bacterial pressure. The system inside the room for Xenopus laevis,  is equipped with a cooler device for maintaining an optimal water temperature of 18°C

Monitoring and control

All the systems are equipped with a monitoring and control unit. This unit measures and controls water quality parameters as well as technical parameters like pump functioning, water pressure and water levels. Data from the monitoring and control units can be accessed from any location through an internet interface.

Xenopus facilities, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Zürich Switzerland

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