30.000 fishes
The Netherlands

New zebrafish facility

After having successfully designed and build the previous zebrafish facility of the University of Leiden already back in 2000 and 2007, we were asked to design the new facility in the newly build Gorlaeus location. Designed in close cooperation with animal caretakers and researchers, this facility completely meets the requirements. Special emphasis was given to minimum maintenance and easy access to all the fish tanks. The ZEBCARE standard filtration unit, which includes a drumfilter for automatic particle removal from the system water, was used as the heart of each of the systems. The facility has 1,100 tanks in total, either serial tanks in glass or removable tanks in polycarbonate.

Monitoring and control system

All the zebrafish systems are equipped with an automated monitoring and control unit, that measures and safeguards water quality parameters as well as technical parameters like pump functioning, water pressure and water levels. Off course the monitoring and control units can be excessed from any location through an internet interface.

Clean incoming water for the zebrafish facility, at the desired conductivity and pH, is produced by a dedicated ZEBCARE water preparation unit from RO water as a base, while waste water of the zebrafish facility is treated with the ZEBCARE waste water filtration system in order to remove unwanted contaminants from the waste water before it runs into the municipal sewage system.

Zebrafish facility of the University of Leiden
Leiden The Netherlands

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