For many fish species Artemia nauplii still are the main starter diet. ZEBCARE offers good quality Artemia cysts with a medium-size nauplii (230.000 nauplii per gram of cysts) and a high hatching rate of >96% after 24 hrs.

The ZEBCARE Artemia cysts originate from the Great Salt Lake. These cysts are the world’s standard in Zebrafish life feed and have had a proven track record for the last decades. Brine shrimp cyst can be hatched at your facility for direct feeding of your zebrafish. ZEBCARE also provides Artemia hatching solutions for aquatic research, starting from an incubator of only 8 litres!

ZEBCARE Artemia cyst is primarily delivered vacuum packed in special aluminium/polyethene 0,5 kg or 8 kg bags. The Artemia cysts must be stored in the freezer (-4 to -18 degrees Celsius) before use in order to retain cyst viability. Opened bags must be stored in the refrigerator.

Please contact our sales representative Bert-Jan Roosendaal for more information and availability.


  • From the Great Salt Lake
  • High hatching rate

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