Based on years of experience in commercial aquaculture, ZEBCARE has developed a Standard Filtration Unit.

Optimal aquatic research systems are RAS systems. By recirculating the system water through a mechanical and biological filtration system, the system water quality is kept constant, and water us is low.

Based on years of experience in commercial aquaculture, ZEBCARE has developed a Standard Filtration Unit that incorporates:

  • Mechanical filtration
  • Biological filtration
  • UV-C treatment
  • Heating
  • Monitoring & control of system water quality parameters and performance of system components

The standard filtration unit is constructed of durable materials like PE, PP, PVC and 316 stainless steel. The filter system (dim. 1,70 x 1,00 x 2,10 meter (LxWxH)) has the following set up:

  • Solid waste is removed by a self-cleaning drum filter. This fully automatic self-cleaning mechanical filter can deal with suspended solid loads up to 25 mg/l.

After this mechanical treatment, the system water flows to the pump tank. This tank, which is connected to the drum filter has the following components:

  • A valve for manual water supply and a floater ball valve for automatic water supply
  • A drain and overflow to be connected to the sewage
  • All necessary connection points for the main and back-up pump (pump for returning system water to the aquaria)
  • A dedicated submerged pump for pumping the system water to the biological filter placed in the pump tank.

On the pump tank, a biological filter is placed. The filter consists of two connected filters constructed of PE in colour blue. These filters are provided with system water by a dedicated submerged pump set in the pump tank. The first biological filter is a moving bed filter. In this filter an HDPE filter material is used with a large surface area on which nitrifying bacteria will grow.

From the moving bed filter, the water flows to the trickling tower. This filter is filled with a PP filter material with a large surface on which nitrifying bacteria can grow. The system water will trickle down this filter material and during that process gas exchange takes place. The CO2 produced by the fish is exchanged with O2 from the air.

After mechanical and biological filtration of the system water, it is pumped by the main pump back to the aquaria. In the water supply piping to the aquaria, the following devices are present:

  • A UV-C device
  • An optional electrical heating device

The filter system is equipped with a main and a back-up pump. These identical pumps are placed outside the pumptank. Water is periodically refreshed by pumping water from the pump tank to the sewage.

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  • RAS Technique
  • High quality materials used
  • Easy maintenance

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