Standard line for zebrafish husbandry systems

Based on our extensive 30+ years of experience, ZEBCARE has developed a standard line for zebrafish husbandry systems. Our standard zebrafish husbandry systems are an affordable solution for housing your zebrafish research lines. These systems provide stable water quality and optimal animal welfare, are user-friendly, easy to maintain and assure low running costs.

Stand-alone husbandry racks

The ZEBCARE standard zebrafish husbandry rack is a standalone system consisting of a coated stainless steel rack, equipped with glass aquaria or shelves with polycarbonate tanks, a pump tank with biological- and mechanical filtration components and UV disinfection. This system only has a footprint of 1.5 x 0.7 meter (LxW) and a height of 2.5 meter. Upon request, ZEBCARE’s standard standalone husbandry rack can be provided with optional features.

Optional features to the standard zebrafish rack

  • Monitoring and control system with microprocessor, sensors and switches
  • Salt- and pH dosing systems
  • Fully controllable LED lighting system
  • Tap water filtration system
  • Active carbon filtration
  • Other items upon request
Standalone zebrafish husbandry system

Standard ZEBCARE husbandry system with serial- and customized aquaria and filtration system. In addition this standard rack is equipped with a salt- and pH dosing system, a fully controllable LED lighting system and a tap water filtration system.


In many Zebrafish facilities, ZEBCARE has incorporated glass serial tanks for husbandry of large groups (70-80 adults). A standard standalone aquarium rack can be equipped with four layers of standard serial aquaria. ZEBCARE’s standard serial aquaria consists of 12 compartments (with an approx. capacity of 10 litre each). Fish can easily be removed from these tanks using ZEBCARE’s perfectly fitting net for serial aquaria. Besides standard serial aquaria, ZEBCARE also delivers customized aquaria upon request.

Shelves with polycarbonate tanks

A standard standalone shelf rack consists of six layered shelves where the tanks are placed. Zebrafish husbandry tanks are made of transparent plastics and can be quickly taken from the system for handling or placed on any location on the shelf rack. ZEBCARE offers a range of polycarbonate tanks with a capacity of 3 to 10 litre. In addition to plastic husbandry tanks, we offer breeding tanks and custom designs upon request of the customer.

Multiple rack system

For larger research facilities it’s also possible to link up to five standard ZEBCARE zebrafish husbandry racks to a central filtration system. A self-cleaning drumfilter for mechanical filtration of the system water, biological filtration using a moving bed filter and a trickling tower, and a monitoring and control system are included.

Multiple racks with shelves linked to a central filtration system

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  • RAS technique
  • Stable water quality
  • User-friendly

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