The zebrafish tanks used in Zebrafish husbandry are either made out of transparent plastics, like polycarbonate, or glass depending on the intended use.

Polycarbonate Zebrafish tanks

Zebrafish husbandry tanks made of transparent plastics and can be quickly taken from the system for handling or placed on any location on the shelving rack. ZEBCARE offers a range of polycarbonate tanks from 3-relitres to 10-litre size. The 1-litre tanks made out of polyethene. All tanks come with a transparent lid in which perforations are provided for water inflow and feeding. Upon request ZEBCARE can deliver these Zebrafish tanks in other material than polycarbonate.

Type Volume (L) Effective volume (L) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Single box 1 200 100 85
MC1 3 2.3 240 135 130
MC2A 5 267 207 140
MC2B 5 3 332 150 130
MC3 10 335 235 190
MC3B 8 6.5 345 180 140
MC4A 10 427 267 150
MC4B 13 427 267 180
MC5 27 500 380 208
MC6 39 610 435 215

All clear plastic ZEBCARE Zebrafish husbandry tanks, except the 1 litre Single Boxes, are prepared for attaching the ZEBCARE outflow device. ZEBCARE outflow devices come in different colours and corresponding mesh sizes, resulting in easy identification of the fish size inside a particular tank by the animal caretakers. This notably reduces feeding time since the tanks for each life stage are easily identified. The ZEBCARE outflow sieves are easily removed from a tank and are interchangeable between Zebrafish tanks.

ZEBCARE offers, in addition to plastic husbandry tanks, breeding tanks and custom designs upon request of the customer.

Serial zebrafish tanks

In many Zebrafish facilities, ZEBCARE has incorporated glass serial tanks for husbandry of large groups (70-80 adults) in tanks of 9 to 11 litres. These individual tanks are combined with 9 to 12 pieces in one large glass aquarium with combined water outflow.

Custom glass aquaria for Zebrafish husbandry

On top of serial tank designs, ZEBCARE can provide aquaria in any size or shape. Custom designs incorporating special outlets, sloping bottoms, partition walls, serial tanks, hexagonal tanks, side protectors and/or coloured sides are some of the many possibilities.

Please contact our sales representative Bert-Jan Roosendaal for more information and availability.


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