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Zebrafish facility update Z├╝rich, Switzerland

18 December 2018

ZEBCARE was involved in the update of a zebrafish facility in Zurich where a zebrafish facility has been operational for many years and part of the electrical components needed to be replaced, biofiltration was limiting and used consumable parts and…

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Husbandry system for Ascidians delivered in Fribourg, Switzerland

17 August 2018

ZEBCARE has designed and constructed a complete custom saltwater husbandry system for Acidians for The University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The experimental set-up required the organisms to be housed under 4 different experimental conditions. The light and temperature regime of…

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ZEBCARE present at 2018 Nothobranchius Symposium in Cologne, Germany

10 June 2018

The biennial Nothobranchius Symposium is an international symposium gathering the scientific community interested in studying various aspects of the biology of fish of the genus Nothobranchius. The 2018 Nothobranchius Symposium took place in Cologne, Germany, from June 7-9, at the…

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Custom designed swirl separator for Alltech Coppens Aqua Center

15 May 2018

In order to determine the performance of experimental fish diets it is very important to collect good quality faeces samples on a daily basis on tank level. The swirl separators available in the market were not at all meeting the…

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