Stand-alone Zebrafish husbandry system delivered in Germany

14 March 2019

For a commercial research company located in Germany ZEBCARE has designed and constructed a complete zebrafish husbandry set-up. The zebrafish husbandry system is a small standalone unit equipped with shelves to place polycarbonate tanks of different sizes (for example 96 tanks of 4 liters each). The filtration system is robust and easy to maintain, designed to provide optimal water quality. With the integrated monitoring and control microprocessor all water quality parameters are determined and logged continuously, while system performance (water flow, water levels, etc.) is managed simultaneously. The system has LED lighting on each shelve. The LED lighting is fully controllable; not only time wise, but also intensity. Water is provided to the system using a dedicated RO device, provided by our partner Gr├╝nbeck. The ZEBCARE Artemia hatching unit provides newly hatched Artemia on a daily basis.