Zebrafish facility update Zürich, Switzerland

18 June 2018

ZEBCARE was involved in the update of a zebrafish facility in Zurich where a zebrafish facility has been operational for many years and part of the electrical components needed to be replaced, biofiltration was limiting and used consumable parts and the monitoring system was outdated and did not meet current requirements for a modern zebrafish facility. Husbandry rack where however still usable and the ZEBCARE standard filter was the perfect solution for this project.

ZEBCARE filter module

ZEBCARE installed a standard filter module to filter the water from the already present shelve systems. The Zebcare standard filter module is equipped with: a self cleaning drumfilter, Biofilter consisting out of a moving bed biofilter and tricking biotower, heater, UV-C sterilizer and a JUMO water quality monitoring, controll and alarm device.


The drumfilter is a self-cleaning mechanical particle filter which eliminates the need for sponge and filter cartridges. The biological biofilter is over-dimensioned so the system maintains optimal water quality parameters. The water quality is constant monitored by a dedicated monitoring system for pH, conductivity and temperature, these values are also stored for later analyses. The monitoring system generates alarms when values are outside pre-set limits, Back-up pump and pH dosage pump are controlled. System parameters can be viewed real-time via on any location via a web browser.

ZEBCARE has up to now converted multiple existing zebrafish facilities from various suppliers with completely new filtration equipment or partial system renovations. By updating facilities with modern equipment and innovative technologies the facilities can meet stricter husbandry standards, improve water quality, improve system water quality monitoring, install alarms for water quality and lower daily maintenance cost and labor requirements.