More than designing and delivering housing solutions for Zebrafish, ZEBCARE also designs and delivers fish tanks for a wide range of other fish species.

In addition to designing and delivering housing solutions for Zebrafish, ZEBCARE can design and deliver fish tanks for other fish species like flathead minnow, common carp, trout, Atlantic cod and many other species used in aquatic research.

Glass fish tanks

Glass aquariums are widely used in aquatic research facilities as they can be made in any size and can hold any size of fish. ZEBCARE knows that there are no standards in glass tanks and for this reason all aquaria are custom made for each situation. Unique outlets, sloping bottoms, partition walls, serial tanks, hexagonal tanks, side protectors and/or coloured sides are some of the many possibilities. Aquaria can be as small as 1 litre or as big as 15.000 litre. Larger aquaria need to be constructed on site. Special finishes and cabinets are available for display aquaria.

Acrylic fish tanks

ZEBCARE can provide acrylic fish tanks as an alternative for applications where the use of glass is not an option. Acrylic comes as a clear material or in an assortment of colours. Clear and coloured material can be combined into the same tanks or vessel. Acrylic can also be moulded round-spherical or any other form to build special tanks and reactors.

HDPE / PE and glass fibre fish tanks

For husbandry of large fish species like African catfish and sturgeon often large fish tanks are required. ZEBCARE can design and construct complete RAS facilities with tanks of HDPE / PE or glass fibre for those larger fish species. HDPE and PP tanks can be made in round or conical shape, but also square tanks are possible. ZEBCARE will select, based upon the desired shape and volume, the most suitable material. HDPE / PE is welded together in our workshop or on-site depending on the size of the tank. Tank details or special features are CNC cut for high accuracy. ZEBCARE has a wide range of standard glass fibre tanks available in round, square, or rectangular shapes in any colour. Custom glass fibre tanks can also be provided.

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