All clear polycarbonate ZEBCARE Zebrafish tanks, except the 1 litre Single Boxes, are prepared for attaching the ZEBCARE outflow sieve. The special outflow sieve on the front of the fish tank diverts the water directly into the drainage, leaving front and bottom of the fish tanks dry. This significantly reduces the cleaning needs for tanks and the shelves, but mainly results in a good visibility of the fish inside the tank.

ZEBCARE outflow sieves come in assorted colours and corresponding mesh sizes, resulting in easy identification of the fish size inside a particular tank by the animal caretakers. This especially reduces feeding time, since the tanks for each life stage are easily identified.

In addition to blue, white and red, the ZEBCARE outflow device is also available in green and pink. In these colours ZEBCARE can provide all the mesh sizes available. The green and pink colour outflow devices can be used to indicate specific Zebrafish breeds, feeding conditions, etc.

Name Lifestage Mesh size
ZEBCARE outflow sieve BLUE Larvae 0,3 mm
ZEBCARE outflow sieve WHITE Juvenile 1,0 mm
ZEBCARE outflow sieve RED Adult 2,0 mm
ZEBCARE outflow sieve GREEN On Request
ZEBCARE outflow sieve PINK On Request

The ZEBCARE outflow sieves are easily removed from a tank and are interchangeable between Zebrafish tanks. On top of this, they are autoclavable.

Please contact our sales representative Bert-Jan Roosendaal for more information.


  • Several colours available
  • Different mesh sizes available

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